Us and them, beyond the wall.

I currently live in the German Colony of Jerusalem, it's south-east of the city. Right now the numerous muezzins are calling for prayer "Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah w'Akbar!", it feels very unreal sometimes. Sometimes it feels like thousands of people are crying at the same time, desperate. Sometimes it feels serene, calm, hopeful and peaceful.
In the part of the neighbourhood I am in, most people find it invasive. They believe Arabs do it on purpose to bother them. That's what people have told me how they feel about it anyway.

Down the streets begin the Arab part of the city, all the way to the wall. That famous separation wall I can see from my bedroom window. I stare at it.

My bedroom window view. When the weather allows it you can see the mountains in the background.

It's not rare to hear gunshots. And on Fridays, there are usually weddings, fireworks, it makes me want to go party with them. I think I might go crash a wedding in the next three months, that'd be fun!

The wall protects us. Or so I've been told. It prevents terrorists from accessing the country. Really? Just two days ago, an Al-Qaida cell was dismantled in Jerusalem. Or so the media say. I think it's partly there to make people miserable. But what do I know, I'm not from here.

Like I did back in 2011, I want to walk to the wall again, I don't know why it fascinates me. Maybe I just want to be the annoying journalist/tourist/rebel.

Have a great Saturday everyone!


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