Sunday, 29 May 2011

The big trip.

I don't know whether I have mentionned this in previous posts but in just a few days, I should be leaving for HaEretz HaKaddosh, the Holy Land in Hebrew, Israel. Now, you have to know I have been dreaming about this for a few years now and decided last November I would do this in June which is now coming very soon. I am the most excited girl on earth right now. I am so determined I saved a lot of money (a huuuuuuuuuuge amount) to pay for this trip.

I will be leaving on my own for a whole month, travelling by bus with my backpack. Hopefully I will be able to go to Palestine too (shhhh this is a secret) eventhough my grandma told me it was waaaaaaaaaaay too dangerous. But this is what I want to do; travel and see for myself to be able to make my own opinion.

It is one of the most important things of my life, I have never really travelled alone (except when I went to Portugal when I was 15 but I stayed at friends') and I am going there to disconnect from the rest of the World and be with myself and I. My sister is all like "you have to call me at least every two days to let us know you are fine or at least write an e-mail", I don't know if she thinks I'm rich enough to get an internet connection in the Negev desert but anyway I don't want to, I will stay away from computers as much as possible and I don't want people to be able to join me, that is the whole point of my trip and travelling alone.

I might document my trip on my blog very briefly but I will be keeping my travel notebook (which I have already started) and will scan most of it fo my blog when I return.

I really hope I can see my favourite Israeli singers in concert there and meet some of my favourite artists too, such as Gilad Benari and Ruth Selwyn.
I also hope I can attend the pride parade in TLV which should be awesome and a huuuge change to what I have seen so far!

If you have any useful addresses, contacts or tips, please, do not hesitate to send them to me or post them as a reply!
Oh, and I am also collecting prayers/words/wishes to bring to the Kotel (the Wailing Wall), don't hesitate to send them to me, I will be glad to post them!

Friday, 27 May 2011

This year's outcomes.

A disorganised rant about what I have learnt this year, what I liked or disliked, a bit of everything really.

On a general level, I must admit I have loved this academic year. I have realised, like I wrote back in September that I should have been in university all my life, instead of school where you get told the same every single day.
I absolutely love university and I realise I am very lucky to be able to afford it. And because I didn't really know what to expect coming to university abroad, I was not deceived by unmet expectations.

I have met some really awesome, interesting and inspiring people, especially Danny, the most passionate person about Journalism I have ever met and whom I will especially miss next year as he is going to China. Thanks to him, I got to work for the Lancashire Evening Post with Chris, Mike and him. It was an amazing experience.

My tutors. My tutors were the greatest. I love learning and, because I'd only experienced school, high school and similar systems, I felt like I was really learning something for once. Something new every lecture. I have found the place I want to be (for now). I think my writing has improved a lot, so has my confidence even if it is still not at its greatest yet.

Some awesome people and some jerks, like everywhere I guess. I had a few problems with an individual but he should not be a problem any more as I took care of it (no I did not go psycho on him, I went to my tutors).

On the negative side, I thought we were taught too little. I have never seen a course where you only get taught eight hours a week. It might be the way they do it in England but I used to have more than 30 hours a week on my Photography course, starting at 8 am almost every day and often on Saturdays too (when my teacher decided to show up that is). If I had known, I would have taken one or two more modules.

Do not hope to see anyone on campus before 9am or perhaps the last students in the library. 9 in the morning. That is not an hour to start the day! You can't get fresh bread before nine, how revolting for my belgian french-ish self, used to bakeries opening at six, even five am. The streets of Preston are empty before 9am. Seriously people, you start at 9 and finish at 5, sometimes before that, and eat at 6, 7 at the latest. This is no way of life.

This year I have kept my good old determination and my bad character, I am not ready to change my habits just yet, perhaps my path since I have decided to transfer from Journalism to International Journalism next year.

I also have decided to go volunteer at the community cafe on Friargate, this oughta be interesting.

Next year is going to be even better than the one that just passed by like a second.