Day 8, second shabbat.

The day is not over yet, but that's okay, I can always update you later if anything amazing happens!

I woke up naturally at 9.26am, I was so happy, you can not fathom how happy I was. A little newsreading, a before we're off to the supermarket.

After a long walk in the sun which was not too bad, we get to the supermarket. No one checked my bag at the entrance! Not when I went to the chemist, not when I went to the bank and not at the supermarket! So weird!
Anyway, we're in, it's the rush, everybody's pushing their trolley in eachother's legs, Not time to call "slicha!" (pardon) because the shabbos is coming, you just gotta push, get your stuff and go home to prepare everything. At the same time, the staff is pre-"cleaning", pushing everyone because they have to close in time, which is 2pm. It's mayhem, everybody's on edge.
The fact that Israelis can't be in a line is a well-known fact but this situation gets even worse before the shabbos. You were a fool, you should have shopped the day before. Is there even a word in Hebrew for a line?

In the "queue".
This guy didn't need a holster, it takes too much time to take your gun out when you need it... You know, it's just in case some tried to force their way in front of him...

We're finally out, no injuries except maybe psychological ones, we have everything. Let's go home. Let's clean in time before the night falls, everything needs to be ready!

Have a great shabbat everyone!

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