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Are half push-ups sexist?

Today I was called an extremist when I came to the conclusion that 'half push-ups' (typically performed by girls and women) were sexist.

To give you a little context, my sister is training for a musical that she will perform in at the end of this academic year and she was telling my brother and I about the routine and told us about how guys do regular push-ups and girls only do the half ones.
Surprised, I asked why that was the case. My sister explained it was because regular push-ups also train the pecs and women shouldn't/don't have to train their pecs. I asked why that was the case and I couldn't get a clear answer except that pecs on girls aren't pretty and their breasts would melt down.
I laughed and said well, shouldn't girls be asked what they want to do, isn't it the size of their breasts their own problem? I also said if these were the reasons, they are sexist. It is then that my siblings said I was exaggerating.

I am not one that gives up. I …