Day 4 (second day at work)

This morning I was a little more relaxed on my walk to work, I even risked a shortcut which took me a little longer as I wasn't sure where I was going! But I was calm enough to notice the numerous clementine, orange and lemon trees. An air of spring.

I did not confront my editor as to the question of had she stolen my idea but before my translating torture began, I asked if I could write about my story idea that I sent her last week that she said she liked. She asked to remind her, I told her and she told me she was writing on that. Boom. Result, I will be able to write on interview profile piece and might have to share a byline. GUTTED.

Anyway, more translations, getting the hang of it now, it's getting easier.

On my way home I noticed a soldier sitting on a bench with her full automatic machine gun on her knees and I realised I hadn't seen a soldier or a weapon since my arrival which is pretty unusual for Israel. But then again, I have been staying and working in the same residential area for the last four days.

On my shortcut which was shorter than this morning (I was hurrying, gotta skype!!!) I passed by a pub/restaurant called Colony which I thought was pretty damn ironic for this country (I've been writing about colonies and stuff for two days).

I guess I have nothing more to report!
Have a nice evening/morning/day/whatever!


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