Saturday, 27 November 2010

And so they came.

"We are not racist" say the EDL members to cover their ass. No, of course they aren't I guess the video footage of EDL members chanting "burn a mosque" or doing the hitlerian salute are fakes. They are not racist.

So, if I get it right and from what we gathered today from tha various interviews and from what we witnessed, the EDL stands against muslim extremists and the shariah law, they protect the british values because they love their country and they are proud of it. They are in no case racist well, some of the members are but they are a minority (that's what the team leader told us), they are multi racial, and they have members of many faiths.
Yet, I have a hard time believing this.

Standing against extremism is one thing, saying it because you are racist and you just don't want to bring this image on you is another. Yeah, don't deny it, many protesters today wore facemasks and scarves over their faces to hide. There is some footage of today's demo of the EDL chanting racist slogans, you'll find them on youtube, I didn't invent them.

Ok, the EDL wants to protect british values. But did they think of that when they threw (or should I write through so they will understand my writing) their firecrackers, fireworks and smokebombs at the public? There were families shopping in the streets. Families with children. Before protecting the values, shouldn't they be protecting their country's citizen first?

And if the EDL loves their country so much, why is it they allow this:

If you love a country so much, don't just trash it.

So there we were in the morning, us university journalists, preparing for our story (which our lecturers strongly recommended not to), on this cold saturday morning. We did a couple of interviews, the EDL protesters arrived. If you didn't know what was happening, you'd think there were a bunch of drunken hooligans because drinking they were, and not just one pint, several.

And if you saw their banners, you'd say they're a bunch of illiterate drunken hooligans. They marched for ten minutes and stopped in the town center in front of the museum. They shouted a bit (they shout E, E, EDL because that's easy to remember and there is no chance they'll misspell it), threw explosives (fireworks, firecrackers and such but explosives nonetheless) at the people in the street which resulted of the police pushing people off the streets.

This happened on the main street. Shopkeepers told us they lost up to 95% of their profits today because of the EDL. Again, if you're gonna protect your country, you might consider the fact doing a protest on a saturday before christmas is gonna make some of your own people angry (yeah, muslims don't celebrate christmas in case you didn't know).

And some protesters must have got lost because we saw the peace flag, the american flag and the Israeli flag waven as well.

And when they finally left, they left the place completely trashed and frankly, the whole town stank of alcohol. Nice one. No really, I must say, I admire the EDL. I can people take themselves so seriously when most of their members are drunken illiterate hooligans?


Let's just hope I don't end on redwatch now.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The EDL is coming to my town!

The Evil Destructive Lads?
The Evil Demolition Lovers?

No, the English Defence League.

Let me quickly tell you about them and if you know already what they stand for you can skip this paragraph. The EDL was formed one year ago, in 2009. They are a far right group and their main ideology is no-muslim. Okay this is my caricature. They claim to be angainst extreme-muslims and such but people have heard them chanting "we hate muslims" so really, it's to cover their asses, pardon my french. And they march throughout England to protest against Islam.

The EDL is supposed to be very ecclesiastical, they have a jewish EDL, a gay EDL,... It seems to me that many social minorities are joining them to unite against one. Hasn't the world learnt from its mistakes?
I find it revolting. No seriously, I know not many muslims would stand against an anti-homo march if one was to be organised, but I, being somehow part of a minority and knowing how the rejection feels, will not stand on the hate side, because then it is doing exactly what our enemies are doing, I'm sorry but an eye for an eye will not solve this world's problems, and it'd certainly not be my motto, would I have one.

So the EDL is coming to Preston next Saturday to march peacefully against Islam. FYI Preston has a very big muslim population.
Our lecturers warned us not to go and told us the BBC reporter covering the event will have 5 personal body guards.

I will not stay home while right outside the door, people are marching for hate.
I will put on my FCKH8 tshirt and go march on the otherside.

People, we should not let this happen.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Let's work for free.

In the UK, the Equal Pay Act was introduced in 1970. Forty years later, survey shows full-time working women are still paid 16.4% less than men. That means, in term of proportions and comparison, women stop being paid from November 2nd while men are paid all year 'round.
This is only for the UK but I am sure it is pretty much the same everywhere in the world.

Surely you would think, people think it is outrageous, yet I don't think many people will sign the petition to try and change things (I suggest you sign it - here - not to be part of the latter category) because they just can't be bothered eventhough it took me like 27 seconds and a click. People cannot spend 27 seconds and a click to try and change their situation, that is way too much! But tonight they'll be watching Friends on tv, yeah that is no waste of time.

But apathetic people are not the only ones who won't sign the petition. All over the world, there are still many people defending their "family values" in which a woman stays home to look after the children and prepare dinner while the husband works and then goes down the street to the pub to down some beers. These people are the scariest. There is that website called "les Intransigeants" (and I won't have their link on my blog), that website is made by Christian students and if you read even the first few articles you realise they're anti-women, anti-Semitic, homophobic, negativist, and they don't even try to hide it. For the record, they used to have a blog this summer but a group of activist (me included) got it to shut down, then their second one as well but now they bought a ".com" which makes things more complicated.

Women used to fight for their rights. We all remember her:

But now women shake their barely hidden asses on MTV and society today thinks it's okay. NO, IT IS NOT! Women in the past have done so much and worked their asses off for their status. I don't understand, as I said here, my generation has become apathetic and it is quite pathetic to see all these young women who think it's okay to dress as prostitutes from an early age, this just makes it okay for guys to call them "sluts" because they behave like that. I have the impression the status of women is going backwards because of this generation. And why the Hell their parents let them do that when they are only 12. We are not supposed to go in the streets semi-naked when we're twelve nor when we're older either!

I am slowly but surely losing my faith in society if I haven't already.

Here is a guide to gender pay gap and how to fight it.

Have a nice day.