Day 3/Day 1

Today was my third day in Israel and my first day at work.

So I did 9am-7pm with a quick lunch break which consisted of a breadroll and hummus.

My editor had me translate stories from English to French all day and I think, hearing what she was saying on the phone that she might have stolen my story idea. I'm a little gutted I must say even if there are multiple subjects but I really wanted that one especially since it was good and my idea. I'm also a little angry because why should she have all the fun when I have to translate? It's boring and not journalism what I essentially want to do. Then afterwards I see my translating work completely revised, which leaves an unimpressed Surya.
And today I have also come to realise that as a big fan of word puns I now hate them because making puns is one thing but translating them is absolute hell, believe me.

BUT I'm still in a newsroom full of cool people and I'm still in Israel which is pretty cool in itself.
Now I'm going to skype because I have a date with my other half.

Have a good week!


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