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Yesterday marked my final day of work, and in five days, I'll be heading home.

You cannot imagine how happy I am to have left work!!!! Don't get me wrong, I consider myself to be a hard worker but the conditions under which I have been working in the last three months can be described as bullying, professional harassment, psychological harassment, etc. These words come from my colleagues and there is a consensus, people have left after two, three weeks and another is leaving very soon.

But now, on to better things.

Today I will visit an NGO, an umbrella group that focuses on helping the Palestinians in the Jerusalem area, because they are often forgotten by the international NGO's which tend to focus more on Gaza and the West Bank, and the Palestinians here are residents but not citizens. I am currently deleting all my files on my old PC so I can give it to them to give to a needy family.

This week is Pessach so it will limit me in my previously planned travels But I will…

Just a few more days...

My work experience in Israel is getting to a close... Juste a few more days of work left, a couple of free days and boom, back to Brussels. Wow.

Has it really been that long? Almost three months have gone by but sometimes it feels like it's just been a couple of weeks.

What to say... This experience has been incredibly enriching, eye-opening and a real challenge. Many a time did I want to quit, a couple of times I ended up in tears after a long day of not being treated very well (not to be rude...). But I couldn't give up, not when I was so close to the end.

I don't like looking back on things, looking forward is the way! But in the situation that I don't actually know what is to come yet, I guess that gives me the time to look at these three months.

I won't bore you with a deep analysis and will rather opt for a short list of points...

Work: Exhausting. I am trying really hard to think of what I have learnt but nothing is coming to my mind... I have met some truly…