Tea tales

Anyone who knows me even a little knows that I drink tea. And when I say I drink tea, I mean A LOT of tea.
During my first few days here I didn't have a single cup of tea which for me is extremely rare, my close friends would have, at this point questioned my sanity or well-being. But they weren't here to witness it and I was perfectly fine.

On my second day of work the Arabic version editor invited me to tea, I had a fresh mint tea with lots of sugar. It felt good to finally have a cup of tea but that's not how I drink my daily tea so it wasn't entirely satisfying.
After my second of work, on my way home, I stopped by the 24/7 convenience store down the street. It's a neighbourhood full of UN and EU expats so they have a couple of European products. I found Twinings English breakfast which isn't normally my first choice but I felt it was good enough considering where I am. I paid 24 shekels for 25 teabags, that's a lot (approximately 5 euros).

I had it the next day at the office and thought it was damn weak. After the second cup I realised it was decaf. But in the little kitchen at the office I noticed Waitrose Organic English Breakfast and I was really jealous. Seriously though, only British people to import Waitrose tea! I later learnt someone has left it there and it's free to drink.

Still, I bought myself Israeli Witowsky (sp?) tea, which is a little weak but better than the regular Lipton they have at the office. But I forgot it this morning. Damn it. I could not resist the temptation any longer, I had the Waitrose tea. It had been calling my name! I had it and it taste just a little too strong, that's how weak the other tea is, it makes normal tea taste strong! It was orgasmic almost.

That might be one of Israel's biggest downsides: tea.


  1. I laughed my mind off at "Israel's" biggest downsides. You can always boil 2 tea bags to get a stronger taste.
    Seriously though, who drinks decaf tea!

    1. Thanks, I hadn't thought about that, silly me...
      I KNOW RIGHT??

    2. Jeez! It was just a "peaceful" remark. And did you mean Wissotzky tea?

    3. I do! Why? Do you know cool facts about it?


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