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Kashmir, Himalayas, power cuts.


Between the last time I posted and now, so much has happened.

So I ended up in a family house after picking up Sarah at the airport on the 20th. We did a little sightseeing, went to the local market (one of the best markets in Delhi according to every local we've talked to).

On Saturday night I hurt my foot, forcing me to use crutches. On Sunday a friend of the family, AJ, arrived from Kashmir, we met him briefly but it is important I tell you about him for he plays a huge role in the following events.

On Monday the 23rd, we met with the editor at the Time of India and got ourselves a full-time three week internship (we start tomorrow).
Coming back from the meeting, we have a little chat with AJ who is planning to go back to Kashmir the same night and he convinces us to come with him for a week in the Himalayas. So on Tuesday at 5am, we are on a plane to Srinagar, Kashmir. An hour later we land and are on our way to our houseboat.

Sarah and I spent two wonderful nights i…

New Delhi, here I am!

So yesterday was a boring day, I was looking for a place to stay but I had no success.

Today however...

This morning I woke up (kind of) early to get breakfast (which wasn't very good but whatever) and then went at the reception and asked where I could exchange my money and buy a phone.

After a small discussion with the reception guy, a guard from the hotel took me to the bank, we're walking in the heat and the sun, and we get to the bank only to be told they don't do exchange. But the lady tells me to go elsewhere. As we're getting out of the building, a guy (I later found out his name is Pawan)the guard there is no exchange at the place. We go anyway but as Pawan said, no exchange. My only option: Connaught Place. It's not far from where I am, I want to walk there, the guard insists he wants to drive me there, Pawan  says he's going in that direction anyway so he will take me.

The guards hesitantly leaves me with Pawan. I learn Pawan is a student, taking a c…

Welcome to Incredible India!


Scary. You don't realise how big New Delhi is until you're flying over it!! I cannot start to describe the immensity of it!

New Delhi is probably as big as Belgium if not bigger!

I have an awesome flight especially compared to the two people who had a malaise. We almost had a lady give birth on the plane!!

I was blessed as fate put Nira on my way, a wonderful lady who was coming back from Toronto.

I don't even know what time it is here. I'll ask Google.

See you soon!

I'm off!

I know. It's been a long time. I have an excuse though; my dog ate my computer.

So anyway, I have finally obtained my visa and booked my flight just hours ago.

This time on Monday I'll be in New Delhi!

Stay tuned for great adventures!