Day 7/Day 5

Today concluded my being in the Holy Land for a week and my first week at work (I do Sunday-Thursday).


When life gives you lemons. ↑ On my way to work.

Change of plans, on Sunday I won't be an unpaid intern, I'll be an underpaid, but paid nonetheless, trainee translator/editor (But shhhhhhhhh! It's a secret!). I flipped. In my head. Because I couldn't shout in joy when my office is next to my editor's.
It will be just under my rent! :D Yeah because today I may have found my accommodation!

This is too much happiness for me to handle! Someone send me a depressing news story!

All in all today was a good day. Today we also got an AFP subscription for us to have plenty more content for the website!

↑ Also on my way to work.

I'm dead tired, tomorrow morning I will sleep until I wake up NATURALLY!! After being woken up at 6.30am by my editor's alarm clock every morning when I go to work at 9am, I think I deserve it


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