Day 11 (Day 7 at work), change of tone.

I found a shoebox, wait, I mean a studio to live in! Woop, woop!

It's so small I wonder if people in China have bigger space. It's probably kif-kif, but without the pollution.

The good thing is that I'm literally five minutes away from the Old City, that's going to be quite cool. I don't think this outweighs the bad things (small, small, small, did I mention small?) but it's just for sleeping, I'm working all day and it might encourage me to get out more. I signed and paid anyway so there's no going back though I only paid for a month, if I lose my sanity I can always move after that. We'll see.

Smile, everything will be fine!

I really don't know what else to write about tonight. Truth is I'm not at my happiest. Living in the same room as my editor has proven a nightmare and I think it made me rush towards that shoebox. Not the end of the world, not the end of the world, not the end of the world... I'll find a better place next month, right now I'm just happy to escape this Hell, I'll be running on Friday, I'm telling you.

I get back home from work and try to do something only to be interrupted to be told about something regarding work. I skype, I'm interrupted to talk about work, I read, I eat, I write, I'm off work, I'm drifting of to sleep, I always get interrupted to be told about work, to be asked about work. WORK WORK WORK. I can't take this for much longer, my morale is at a lowest.

Don't get me wrong, she's nice and stuff. It's just the no privacy bit. The no consideration. The always having to be at disposition at the expense of my personal space and time. I'm going crazy, I need out. It'll be better on Friday. I have to keep telling myself this.

Breathe in, breathe out, it's going to be okay.

Signing off. Have a good night, wherever you may be.


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