Thursday, 28 November 2013

And came the day.

And so the big day came.

I was soooo ready, I did my research, prepared my answers to potential questions, I wasn't caught off guard or anything.
HR had still not got in touch with me to tell me the details of the interview (who/what/where) on Monday and the my sentence was approaching fast. On Tuesday morning, the day before, I decided to email the woman who turned out to be my interviewer to ask her the details since HR had not bothered. I then went to the library did some more reading, writing everything I could of that would make me ready.

Wednesday morning, my stomach is aching. I've never stressed out for anything, my stomach has never given up on me before anything important so I don't understand. I certainly don't feel stressed and know I won't do until the actual interview. I have a healthy breakfast after a good night's rest, no tea as I don't want to have to go to the toilet when I get there, everything is ready including me. Time to go.

I arrive at the plain building, get in and find myself in front of a door. Nothing says welcome like a phone and a list of extensions you can call. I call the extension I learnt off by heart and state my business. Someone comes to get me, there's an awkward elevator ride with a lovely lady and we get in the office. I'm offered a seat at someone's office in the middle of everyone. I feel looks falling on me. I get my Kindle out to read. Finally the lady from the emails comes to get me. She will be interviewing me with Rob from LIS. I get four questions, two from each and am told I will be told by the end of the day if I've been successful or not.
Comes a little test which I do easily. I leave.


I walk home and put my phone on the loudest settings so I'm sure I hear it when it rings.

It rings.

I pick up the phone and am told I was not successful. I was this close to get it, it was between me and another candidate be the other was more suited for the position. I thank her. I'm gutted.

I did not get the job. But I will keep looking and improving.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Get a life. Smartphone app.

"Get a life", the new app that allows you to live on your smartphone; from clothes to food, set your preferences and it will take decisions for you. You can go to the park, take a nap, meet people, all that from your bed! Not really, I made it up, stop looking for it on the Play Store, just throw your phone away and get a real life.

Who said "Life is what happens to you while you're on your smartphone" again? I don't remember but it could never be more true than now.

In recent years, many people have developed this awful habit of sharing every detail of their life on facebook or other social networking website, their every location on foursquare, their every meal on instagram and their latest prank on vine. More sadly though, others have developed the habit of reading all these statuses, looking at all these pictures and checking where their distant cousin to whom they never speak had lunch.

Most smartphone-possessing-youth couldn't go through a day without logging onto their social network of choice or even without a phone or a computer, it would be agony. I'm a bit perplexed when I see my friends constantly on their phone, missing out on life, forgetting life is not a streamed youtube video, if you miss it you can't replay. It also seems a little disrespectful to be reading something on your phone while talking to someone.

To me technology has created a generation of rude zombies. Don't get me wrong, I love technology and what it allows me to do, I am a fan of technology; I can now read in the dark on my kindle, track my online shopping's whereabouts on the Royal Mail website, go on google maps with the 3G when I'm lost in the street, these are just a few of my favourites. But just because technology has allowed me to share every detail of my life with the world, I don't assume the world wants to know and I actually don't want or need to share my life with the world, my life is my own and while I'm not updating my facebook status I have more time to live.
Then at the end of the day, if I want to know what my distant cousin to whom I never speak had for lunch I will call them but truth is, I don't want to know so I won't call or check facebook.

Now the new trend is to share your life in comic strips with the new app Bitsrips. If you have nothing to say, say it with a comic that you don't draw yourself and that looks like everybody else's!
Seriously, what's wrong with us? If you want to turn you life into a comic, take a sheet of paper and a pen, at least you'll be doing something productive (well sort of...).

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

My first time.

The first time can be so daunting sometimes. There are plenty of tips and info out there on the internet though, it makes it a little easier. The thoughts turn into nightmares, what if I suck at it? What if they think I'm lame? What if I'm so stressed out I throw up during it? What if they have bad breath I can't concentrate on anything else?
Your friends try to reassure you about it, "You'll do just fine", "You're awesome, I know you can do this", etc. And it does pump your ego up, but at the end of the day, being too self-confident isn't always a good thing especially if it doesn't go as planned, then the trip back to reality can hurt. So it is important not to get your hopes up too much.

At 23 years old I have finally got my first formal job interview. It is next week and I am already preparing. At first, I got the email and felt really happy, excited and pretty satisfied with myself. Then came the realisation that, first of, although I have worked before I have never really had a job interview before and second, I don't have the job yet, I can't be celebrating just yet. And so I came back down to earth very quickly but I did get a celebratory kiss from my better half which I must admit made me feel pretty good about myself.

So I'm back on my feet, reading everything I can about job interviews and I'm half stressed out by the fact I've never really had a formal interview before and half confident that I can nail it with some preparatory homework.
But someone is interested in me I guess so I am going to make the best of it, be well prepared -or try to be anyway, attempt to look awesome and generally try to impress whoever I meet on that day.

I shall keep you up to date about it. Cross your fingers for me!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Government censorship and "fuck you facebook".

All these years of pioneering, hiding earphones in my sleeves during taxiing, take-off and landing to be able to listen to my music, reading my kindle away from the flight attendants' gaze, illegally playing on my phone (while on flight mode), have finally paid off. I am probably the cause for this: European aviation regulators have approved the use of certain personal electronic devices during taxiing, take-off and landing. They saw me and finally saw it isn't dangerous! Joy to the world! It will probably be allowed before Christmas to play Angry Birds and read your latest cheesy novel while they tell you how you have to put on your own oxygen mask prior to helping your child. No more hiding!

The US is embarrassing itself by blocking the publication of Chilcot's inquiry. The report is on how Britain went to war with Iraq and includes the Blair-Bush correspondence. David Cameron will probably end up following the US decision. Yet another lie to the people. What about the public's right to know? Hopefully there will be leaks of this.

The photo/video sharing phone app Snapchat has sent Facebook a big "fuck you" by declining the latter's $3bn offer to buy the app. I wish I could turn down such an offer if anyone made it to me but I probably wouldn't.
A speeding train has killed seven elephants including two babies and injured at least ten more by speeding into a herd. You can find the full article here, the images are horrible though, you might want to close your eyes.
If you sign up here the Guardian might send you one of their 5000 free music festival bags, I signed up, I'll tell you if I get it!

Celeb news

Yesterday the Pope declared his war on corruption in the Holy City/Country, today the mafia wants his head because they will no longer be able to profit from the church state. You go Pope!
The song Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke that has been called a "rape-song" and "rapey" continues to cause trouble as the University College London student union is the 20th SU to ban the song. The debate continues on the Guardian that has called the song "the most controversial of the decade". The song is catchy and everything, the lyrics call for interpretation, what I don't like about it is that people sing it without realising what they are saying.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Today I didn't buy the newspaper, shame on me. But I still read the Indyand the Guardian online so I can tell you that:

Hawaii has legalised gay marriage last night, making it the 15th state in the USA to allow gay couples to say YES to one another. YAY!! That's cool. Meanwhile in North Dakota this guy, Craig Cobb is trying to found this all white town in Leith. The guy is a self proclaimed white supremacist, he was told yesterday on live TV that his heritage is 14% Sub-Saharan African (He had previously agreed to taking a DNA test on the same show). That made me chuckle, I have to say. I wonder how the guy feels about himself now, will he attempt to amputate 14% of his body? Will he die from self loathing and shame hidden in a corner of his house?

More seriously though, the confirmed dead numbers are increasing in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan pretty much destroyed the country. A lot of country are supplying help and donating emergency funds. Both the UN and the Disasters Emergency Committee have launched appeals for donations.

Batman bin Suparman (That's his real name) was jailed in Singapore on drug charges. I just love his name. I wish I could have a name as epic as this but I thank my parents for not being dumb and not calling me by a famous person's name.

A MI6 spy died from accidentally locking himself into a bag a Scotland Yard have found. Seriously?! What the what?? Okay so I'm in front of this bag and I decide it will be funny to hide inside it. Firstly, of course I fit in a bag, every average sized adult does. And secondly, I zip it from inside. Finally I forget how I zipped it so can't undo it and die. That's how.

And if you want some celebrity news...

In Vatican Pope Francis said the corrupt should be tied to a rock and thrown into the sea! He has started a war on corruption in Vatican.
Believe it or not the twerking Miley Cyrus is one of the biggest feminists in the world. Or so she says. Last month she was heavily criticised for her overtly sexualised show when she appeared with Robin Thicke. Sinead O'Connor even wrote her an open letter.
Justin Bieber who was filmed sleeping by an escort in Brazil has been said to be blessed with good organs and be good in bed by the same escort who went on TV.