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Gay marriage for everyone!

So the French have been arguing for a law that's soon going to be voted about "marriage for everyone" which would basically legalise gay marriage and adoption by gay couples (in the same law) in France.

There have been demos and marches from both sides, the funniest ones being the Catholics performing strange choreographies in various French cities to promote the fact a child needs one mother and one father. Personally  I think this argument is really offending. These people have clearly not thought of the thousands of single parents giving their children a loving home and an education. They also haven't thought of the thousands of children who have already been brought up by gay parents in France, children whose parents had to travel to other countries (mostly Belgium) to legally get a child as a gay couple.

I don't get why France is so up-tight. Their moto?"Freedom, Equality, Fraternity". It just doesn't make sense. France is the country of the Hu…

The world's strictest parents?

I randomly came accross the BBC reality tv show "The World's Strictest Parents" the other day on youtbe so I watched a few episodes. The story line is simple: in each episode, two British "problem" teenagers are sent to very strict families over the world for one week. The chosen teenagers a first shown back home with their family and then they meet at the airport where they leave from to get to their final destinations.

I watched a couple of episodes in which the teenagers go to American cities and one in which they go to South Africa. In all the episodes I have watched so far, the host families are of Christian faith, some are more involved in their religious communities than others but they basically all gave blessings before family meals versus the British teenagers who don't appear to be religious except for a couple who are Muslim but do not practice their faith (they drink, smoke, don't go to mosque etc.).

So this makes me wonder, is the BBC gui…

Israeli anecdote.

Anyone who knows me will know my Hebrew's approximate, I need people to articulate and speak slowly to me if they want to be some hope that I will understand. But people who don't know me like for example complete strangers in the streets, don't. So every time I start what I think is gonna be a fairly easy conversation like ask for direction in Hebrew or basic info, it often results in me getting the first couple of sentences and then wondering what that huge monologue is for.

So I was coming back from Efrat, a settlement in the West Bank where I did an interview. First I had to go back to Jerusalem and take a bus Tel Aviv as there were no more directs to Holon at this time of the night. I arrive in Tel Aviv at the Central Bus Station and get out on Levinsky street where my next bus' stop is. Of course Levinsky is a big street so I ask a man where the 89 to Holon stops. He tells me that it's not here and that I need to go back inside the station and that he will ta…