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And so they came.

"We are not racist" say the EDL members to cover their ass. No, of course they aren't I guess the video footage of EDL members chanting "burn a mosque" or doing the hitlerian salute are fakes. They are not racist.

So, if I get it right and from what we gathered today from tha various interviews and from what we witnessed, the EDL stands against muslim extremists and the shariah law, they protect the british values because they love their country and they are proud of it. They are in no case racist well, some of the members are but they are a minority (that's what the team leader told us), they are multi racial, and they have members of many faiths.
Yet, I have a hard time believing this.

Standing against extremism is one thing, saying it because you are racist and you just don't want to bring this image on you is another. Yeah, don't deny it, many protesters today wore facemasks and scarves over their faces to hide. There is some footage of today…

The EDL is coming to my town!

The Evil Destructive Lads?
The Evil Demolition Lovers?

No, the English Defence League.

Let me quickly tell you about them and if you know already what they stand for you can skip this paragraph. The EDL was formed one year ago, in 2009. They are a far right group and their main ideology is no-muslim. Okay this is my caricature. They claim to be angainst extreme-muslims and such but people have heard them chanting "we hate muslims" so really, it's to cover their asses, pardon my french. And they march throughout England to protest against Islam.

The EDL is supposed to be very ecclesiastical, they have a jewish EDL, a gay EDL,... It seems to me that many social minorities are joining them to unite against one. Hasn't the world learnt from its mistakes?
I find it revolting. No seriously, I know not many muslims would stand against an anti-homo march if one was to be organised, but I, being somehow part of a minority and knowing how the rejection feels, will not stand on…

Let's work for free.

In the UK, the Equal Pay Act was introduced in 1970. Forty years later, survey shows full-time working women are still paid 16.4% less than men. That means, in term of proportions and comparison, women stop being paid from November 2nd while men are paid all year 'round.
This is only for the UK but I am sure it is pretty much the same everywhere in the world.

Surely you would think, people think it is outrageous, yet I don't think many people will sign the petition to try and change things (I suggest you sign it - here - not to be part of the latter category) because they just can't be bothered eventhough it took me like 27 seconds and a click. People cannot spend 27 seconds and a click to try and change their situation, that is way too much! But tonight they'll be watching Friends on tv, yeah that is no waste of time.

But apathetic people are not the only ones who won't sign the petition. All over the world, there are still many people defending their "family…

It gets better.

This is a story I never told anyone. Or at least not the entire version. Now as I am writing this, I know I will have a hard time whether or not to post this and know that if you are reading this, it is a very big deal for me and probably means more than you can imagine.

When I was about 12, I changed schools to go to this very big factory-like school, called the European school of Brussels. I was really excited to go there as for about ten years before that, each time my mom would drive by it I would go "one day this will be my school". And there I was fulfilling one of my dreams.
I come from a very cool family, very chilled out, my parents always encouraged me to be myself and do what I wanted (they let me go as Robinhood to school everyday when I was in preschool, my mom made me two suits to make sure there was always a clean one for me to wear, now if this is not like the best mother on Earth, well, go away), I had a lot of autonomy and independence from a very young age…