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Chronicles of a journalist wannabe #3

I wrote an opinion piece for the Independent Voices, rejoice! Hurray! Dancing all around!
Okay don't get your titties in a twist, it's just that I hadn't been published in so long, it feels quite nice. I just hope I get more gigs like that.
If you've read my last post, which was a more personal one, you'll know I've come out as transgender to a few people and mainly myself. I've been going to the gender therapist and it's helped me a lot - but wait, what has it got to do with journalism? I'm gonna tell you, wait for it! The therapist is part of this charity Genres Pluriels which is actively trying to get more and better rights for trans people. So Iv'e been talking to them and I really want to start a magazine for them. Fingers crossed, that would be amazing.
Also I've got another project, a short documentary about an Egyptian NGO that works with orphanages to upgrade quality standards to give better chances in life to the many orphans of E…