Sweet victory.

Not having the herd instinct as most humans do, I often forget to have a social life. Especially at the moment as I'm preparing this exciting yet a bit scary trip I'm about to take. So of course when an old friend from school asked if I wanted to hang out in town with another friend last night, I said okay.

At the last minute, a change of plans, which is in itself not a big deal as it was closer to the place I was then and I hadn't left already. Thing is, we had to go to an old pub opposite my old school where all these kids who think they're super cool hang out. I used to go there before they changed it, it used to be okay when I was about 15 but the thing is, only 15 year-old hypocrites, nationalist, homophobic dicks hang out there now and the concept of meeting with people my age there made me feel like they have not evolved, an they probably haven't. Worst is, I know these people's faces and sometimes there's one that recognises  you and is all like "I'm happy to see you" when clearly they aren't.

But that's not my point. The vast majority of these people didn't pay attention to me, that was a good thing. And then I saw him. He had been expelled from the school a few years back but always seemed to come back to look for trouble. He was there all nervous and looking as stupid as ever. My bully. The guy who made my life a living hell all those years. I froze for a second.
Thankfully he did not realise who I was. He then went outside and tried to start a fight. It is only when I was going to leave, I was saying goodbye to my friends outside, he realised. I heard him "discretely" talk to his friends "Hey I know her, I know her". I could feel the looks, I crossed the street, my head held high. I kept walking and heard a faint "Slut!" directed at me. I didn't look back, I walked off. It felt good, like a sweet victory.
I left him and everybody else behind me and decided never to set foot in that place ever again. It is time to fly.


  1. A name, a description and I can change things forever....I love you

    What's hurting you is hurting me!

  2. yuh if i had known, i wouldn't have waited for you.. would've pwned that noob!


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