Farewell Jerusalem.

This morning I am leaving Jerusalem to go Rishon Lezion. After I shall go to Masada and Ein Gedi to see what the nature has to offer there.

I heard the hostel in Masada have a couple of camping spots on top of the cliff and I hope they have tents to go with them because sleeping there should be awesome!

There is a 4-5 hour long hike to do in Ein Gedi in which you have to be very careful and listen for rushes of water. If you hear water, you should start climbing. That definitely on my list of things to even above swimming in the Iam HaMelach (the sea of salt aka the Dead Sea) in which, I've heard, I shouldn't bathe more than 20 minutes otherwise I will dry up.

So that is my program for the next few days.
On Friday I will be back in Jerusalem, I will have Shabbat dinner with an orthodox family, it is more or less arranged, and then on Saturday I should go to Palestine as my first attempt didn't go as planned or should I say, was an epic fail.
On Sunday, I am hesitating to stay one more night in Jerusalem, making me able to walk to the separation wall just outside Jerusalem.

After that... Ani lo yoda'at! (Idk)

Qui vivra verra (who will live will see?)


  1. Wonderful news and great time to spend ahead. Wishing I could see all that with you. May your journey be excellent my love.



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