O Jerusalem

Boker Tov from the Holy Land!

More tea, more nice people, some creeps,...

I am enjoying myself here, I will definitely have to come back, there is not enough of one week to see it all.
You really get used to the security checks after a while, it has become an automatism at the entrance of every big public building, public gathering areas,etc to open my bag, sometimes go through the metal detector gate, you don't notice it after a while.
On the other hand, I realised yesterday my cutter passed the thorough security check of El-Al, it was in my carrier bag, I seriously thought I had left it home but no. So much for safety... If I'd been a sociopath I would have killed the pilot or something...

Yesterday night I went back to the Kotel, there was still as many people as during the day but I found my way to the stones and delivered the prayers and messages I was entrusted with.

Today I will walk to Yad Vashem and if I have time when I come back I will do the ramparts walk.

I wish you all a pleasant day! Shalom!


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