O Jerusalem, I love thee!

After a bus trip from Tel Aviv, I arrived in the holiest city of all times, Jerusalem.

Now I definitely want to stay! I'm in the best hostel ever, in the old city of Jerusalem! No more Germans and Americans keeping me awake at night!

I have no words for what I have seen so far and it is far from over!
I would gladly spend a few months here and it is possible! My hostel accepts volunteers in exchange of a free bed. I will definitely consider it!

Here I get to practice both my Hebrew and Arabic, it is awesome! People keep offering me tea, yum!

I will post later!
My travel notebook is getting big, I cannot wait to share it with the world once I come back!


  1. I can't tell how much I am happy for you Surya! I'm glad your eyes can see what they are seeing now and I hope your brain will get as much information it can. Love from the deepest of my heart.

    Dad 23


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