The good life.

You'll be happy to know I am not dead.

I left Jerusalem a couple of days ago to go to Nazareth where I did absolutely nothing but read, write, cook and sleep (and go buy the necessary food to cook of course). It was nice, I stayed in a convent, everybody spoke french, it was like a holiday to my very busy and active holiday.

This morning I left very early to come to Haifa, I have only been here a few hours but I love this city. It is strange to think the cities I've love the most so far have an important arab community, I don't know why though.

I have spotted a few hikes to do here so it will keep me busy tomorrow and maybe the next day I will go to the beach and rent a surfboard. FUN.

I have many tales to tell but not enough time to write about them on here but I promise to do so when I come back.

My Hebrew has improved quite a lot in the past three weeks which is normal but I'm still proud of it as I hadn't had the chance to practice in a year and I had left it aside while I was studying Arabic.

In three days I will go to Iafo before going to Rishon LeZion again. Hopefully I can write some more before then, qui vivra verra.

Have a nice day!

Oh and I forgot to announce to the world that I am pregnant I passed my year except for my Law module but that is no news. Huzzah.


  1. Shalom ma fille,

    Que du bonheur de te lire! I'm exited for you and can't wait to listen to your many tales and to look at your pics. Be good to yourself and write some more before returning please.

    Love and more.


  2. If it doesn't cost too much to change my booking, mommy said I could staaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!

    *jumping around*


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