Desert stories.

Erev tove le'kulam!

I got to Massada in the evening of the third day of the week (I adapted to the hebrew week, it's better) and went to bed very early as I woke up at 4am to ascent Massada and be in time for the sunrise! Man, that was painful! I thought I wasn't in shape anymore, it was only a little hike, at some point I nearly fainted because of the heat and my blood pressure getting higher from the exercising... I didn't. I got to the top, saw the sunrise, visited for a bit and went down again.
I think I deserve a medal!

The receptionist is staring at me and there is a fly attacking me. Great.

Then the same morning I left to stop at Ein Gedi where I went to the beach and floated in the Dead Sea next to a few tourists left for about 5 minutes and then decided it wasn't for me.

This morning afer a big hummus breakfast I left and went hiking in the Judean desert. I lsted 6 hours with a liter and cream. I have a shoulder burnt but let me tell you it was worth it! Oh the wonders I have seen! And the beautiful fauna! I can't believe my eyes. I wish I could do this every week!
So yeah in the end I am still a fit enough walker, just had to adapt to the heat!

Tomorrow I am going back to Jerusalem, will welcome the Shabbat at the Kotel and will eat in an orthodox family. This weekend will be Palestine weekend and the I'll be off to Nazareth on the third day of the week.

I have planned the rest of my trip more or less, I shall tell you more later.


  1. You got the medal of the best daughter in the world! Keep on the good trip honey.

    Je t'aime.



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