My first time.

The first time can be so daunting sometimes. There are plenty of tips and info out there on the internet though, it makes it a little easier. The thoughts turn into nightmares, what if I suck at it? What if they think I'm lame? What if I'm so stressed out I throw up during it? What if they have bad breath I can't concentrate on anything else?
Your friends try to reassure you about it, "You'll do just fine", "You're awesome, I know you can do this", etc. And it does pump your ego up, but at the end of the day, being too self-confident isn't always a good thing especially if it doesn't go as planned, then the trip back to reality can hurt. So it is important not to get your hopes up too much.

At 23 years old I have finally got my first formal job interview. It is next week and I am already preparing. At first, I got the email and felt really happy, excited and pretty satisfied with myself. Then came the realisation that, first of, although I have worked before I have never really had a job interview before and second, I don't have the job yet, I can't be celebrating just yet. And so I came back down to earth very quickly but I did get a celebratory kiss from my better half which I must admit made me feel pretty good about myself.

So I'm back on my feet, reading everything I can about job interviews and I'm half stressed out by the fact I've never really had a formal interview before and half confident that I can nail it with some preparatory homework.
But someone is interested in me I guess so I am going to make the best of it, be well prepared -or try to be anyway, attempt to look awesome and generally try to impress whoever I meet on that day.

I shall keep you up to date about it. Cross your fingers for me!


  1. Be yourself, let yourself express who you are, don't try to be fancy or different from who you are. Look in the eyes, speak out loud and clear and show that you got more than just a degree, that you got personality, visions and an open mind. Getting a job on lies or pretending could give you a false impression about work. I know you are capable of great things, so let those people know you got great skills! I cross my fingers for you, but I have no doubt you'll get there, no doubts at all!
    Your loving Dad.


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