And came the day.

And so the big day came.

I was soooo ready, I did my research, prepared my answers to potential questions, I wasn't caught off guard or anything.
HR had still not got in touch with me to tell me the details of the interview (who/what/where) on Monday and the my sentence was approaching fast. On Tuesday morning, the day before, I decided to email the woman who turned out to be my interviewer to ask her the details since HR had not bothered. I then went to the library did some more reading, writing everything I could of that would make me ready.

Wednesday morning, my stomach is aching. I've never stressed out for anything, my stomach has never given up on me before anything important so I don't understand. I certainly don't feel stressed and know I won't do until the actual interview. I have a healthy breakfast after a good night's rest, no tea as I don't want to have to go to the toilet when I get there, everything is ready including me. Time to go.

I arrive at the plain building, get in and find myself in front of a door. Nothing says welcome like a phone and a list of extensions you can call. I call the extension I learnt off by heart and state my business. Someone comes to get me, there's an awkward elevator ride with a lovely lady and we get in the office. I'm offered a seat at someone's office in the middle of everyone. I feel looks falling on me. I get my Kindle out to read. Finally the lady from the emails comes to get me. She will be interviewing me with Rob from LIS. I get four questions, two from each and am told I will be told by the end of the day if I've been successful or not.
Comes a little test which I do easily. I leave.


I walk home and put my phone on the loudest settings so I'm sure I hear it when it rings.

It rings.

I pick up the phone and am told I was not successful. I was this close to get it, it was between me and another candidate be the other was more suited for the position. I thank her. I'm gutted.

I did not get the job. But I will keep looking and improving.


  1. You did great with all your preperation ! Keep trying, your one of the most talented people I know.


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