Get a life. Smartphone app.

"Get a life", the new app that allows you to live on your smartphone; from clothes to food, set your preferences and it will take decisions for you. You can go to the park, take a nap, meet people, all that from your bed! Not really, I made it up, stop looking for it on the Play Store, just throw your phone away and get a real life.

Who said "Life is what happens to you while you're on your smartphone" again? I don't remember but it could never be more true than now.

In recent years, many people have developed this awful habit of sharing every detail of their life on facebook or other social networking website, their every location on foursquare, their every meal on instagram and their latest prank on vine. More sadly though, others have developed the habit of reading all these statuses, looking at all these pictures and checking where their distant cousin to whom they never speak had lunch.

Most smartphone-possessing-youth couldn't go through a day without logging onto their social network of choice or even without a phone or a computer, it would be agony. I'm a bit perplexed when I see my friends constantly on their phone, missing out on life, forgetting life is not a streamed youtube video, if you miss it you can't replay. It also seems a little disrespectful to be reading something on your phone while talking to someone.

To me technology has created a generation of rude zombies. Don't get me wrong, I love technology and what it allows me to do, I am a fan of technology; I can now read in the dark on my kindle, track my online shopping's whereabouts on the Royal Mail website, go on google maps with the 3G when I'm lost in the street, these are just a few of my favourites. But just because technology has allowed me to share every detail of my life with the world, I don't assume the world wants to know and I actually don't want or need to share my life with the world, my life is my own and while I'm not updating my facebook status I have more time to live.
Then at the end of the day, if I want to know what my distant cousin to whom I never speak had for lunch I will call them but truth is, I don't want to know so I won't call or check facebook.

Now the new trend is to share your life in comic strips with the new app Bitsrips. If you have nothing to say, say it with a comic that you don't draw yourself and that looks like everybody else's!
Seriously, what's wrong with us? If you want to turn you life into a comic, take a sheet of paper and a pen, at least you'll be doing something productive (well sort of...).


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