Started working at The Times of India today (as an intern)!!!!!!!

This week Sarah and I will work on the weekly paper called the ToI Crest. I have already started on a travel piece about... Belgium.

It has been a very long day today, I am not too sure I enjoy the working hours (2pm-10pm) but it'll have to do and I will probably get used to it. We got a ride back home from the editor himself tonight which saved us the trouble of finding an auto rikshaw that would be willing to take us to our part of Delhi.

So today was fun.

On the downside, on our way in, we took an auto-rikshaw and at a stop we were harassed by two men (one on each side of the rikshaw) who wanted to sell us boxes of tissues. The one on my side kept staring at my chest and saying nice after each glance. Then just before we left the guy put his hand, quite deliberately, on my chest to have himself a nice touch. The same happened on Sarah's side... If we hadn't been going I would have punched the guy or crushed his non-tissue-carrying-hand. I'm starting to think I need to travel with a sliding knife... it has never happened to me.


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