Alive and melting.

It has been soooooooooo hot here in Delhi, we are melting. the AC has been on and off (off mostly though) because of power cuts and mosquitoes are at war with me.I kill them but our flat"mate" (cough cough) keeps knocking on the door and stand there talking gibberish while the light is on and lets all of the Delhi's mosquitoes in.

We are also being invaded by cockroaches... the JOY.

On a positive not, I have been published twice yesterday, you can read my [might I say awesome] work here on the Times of India Crest Edition. *does a little dance*

I also got numerous smiles from the tea and coffee guy in the cafeteria, a nigh impossible task might I add, he is soooo shy and it took time.

Six days of work left, it went so bloody fast.

I have to leave you I am sorry for the shortness of this post but I am losing all of my water here (no internet connection in our room, the only room with air con.

Baby monkey behind TOI building

I hope you are all having a great summer!


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