Leaving Delhi.

Yesterday was my last day of work, it felt so strange.

Over the weekend, our dog was hit by a car, it was sooooo scary. She followed us intotown and waited for us outside the cafe, wondering why we wouldn't let her in. We came out and all headed back home, we stopped at the shop to get some water, I waited outside with the pup. We continue our walk and then, a hundred meters away from the house she got attacked by a heard. Chasing a dog in the middle of the street, a car just went BOOM at full speed, it all happened so fast, we thought she was dead. We heard her crying and rolling under the car, the driver didn't even stop as if it was completely normal to hit a dog and continue your way as if nothing had happened. The pup went back on her feet and ran away in a park where even more dogs were waiting for her. We followed her and got to her before the other dogs did. She was shaking and wouldn't move, she wouldn't respond anymore. Sarah carried her into another park and she followed us back to the house. She was bleeding, had wounds everywhere, it was terrifying.

We brought her to the vet (with some great difficulty), she didn't break any bones and only has external wounds. She is now fine and we are trying to (re)-home her. She is now scared of going out (we have her on the rooftop as the neighbours don't want her in the building (they are terrified of her and Islam tells them they can't have dogs in the house).

Today I'm leaving to Mumbai on a 16-hour-train-journey, Sarah is staying for two more nights and the family we're staying with said they might take the pup back to England.

I feel guilty and heart-broken but I know she is going to be fine.


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