Shabbat shalom!

The sun is slowly going down, Shabbat is coming. The candles have been lit, the TV is running in the background.
The kettle is on, everything is peaceful. If I compare it to home it'd be one these Sundays when you stay in your pyjamas all day just wandering about, reading, watching tv, drinking tea but not doing anything productive. The atmosphere is very still.

It's raining. Not like the Indian monsoon but like a heavy rainy day in Britain or Brittany.

"I can't remember the last time I was stuck at home because of the rain! We haven't had rain like this in ten years! This is very good for Israel!"

I have been put under house arrest by the Jewish Mother Police. I only have Converse AllStars with me and a pair of crocs and I don't have a good enough raincoat.
It doesn't matter that the world is ending and that it is our last chance to go out ever, I'm not going out because my feet would get wet and cold. There is no arguing with a Jewish mother.

Have a great shabbos everyone!


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