Reflections on journalism studies and studies in general.

I think it is safe to say by now that I have found my call. This might shock some people who think I have no secrets to them, when I was applying to university I was seriously considering the army path in my head it was always the army or journalism. In the end I chose the "safe" path (note the quotation marks as my aim is to become a war reporter).

Studying is great, I love it. In fact I wanna do some more after I graduate (hopefully) next summer.
And when I say studying, it is a tricky subject for me because yes I study international journalism but not much actual studying is done on my part (I still get excellent grades so I will not change my methods).

I feel university has taught me many things but has failed to teach me other things I wished it would have or more like it failed to force me change my methodology when it comes to actual work. I love what I do and I honestly think I am better at what I do now than I was two and a half years ago thanks to my "studies" and most importantly my brilliant lecturers who are in my opinion amazing admirable people (I hope they don't read this) but that is besides the point. I have been taught how to write and basically be a journalist but I have always been able to do everything last minute which will not do me good in my near future, when I actually start working (assuming I ever do). The thing is I get good grades so my brain doesn't see the problem with writing fully referenced essays in twenty-four hours or less.

I guess university has also changed me into a bit more of a sociable person than I was before even if I still like the quiet of my flat and I love being alone. I am now less afraid to speak in front of a group of people and I think I have more confidence in general (people always think I'm really obnoxious and I like people to think that about me, it keeps unnecessary social interaction away from me but it takes very small things to bring me down). I have just grown in general. Being at university has brought many opportunities my way and I have done things I would have never dreamt of doing before like travelling all the way to Delhi, knock on a few doors to see who would take me.

I feel old now.

I have a new page by the way, it's just my CV, photography, published work and stuff:

P.S. I haven't written in a long time and I am sorry I have left you all down but I promise I will write more, I have to, it's what I do, it's what I love to do, funny news rants coming your way soon!


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