Kashmir, Himalayas, power cuts.


Between the last time I posted and now, so much has happened.

So I ended up in a family house after picking up Sarah at the airport on the 20th. We did a little sightseeing, went to the local market (one of the best markets in Delhi according to every local we've talked to).

On Saturday night I hurt my foot, forcing me to use crutches. On Sunday a friend of the family, AJ, arrived from Kashmir, we met him briefly but it is important I tell you about him for he plays a huge role in the following events.

On Monday the 23rd, we met with the editor at the Time of India and got ourselves a full-time three week internship (we start tomorrow).
Coming back from the meeting, we have a little chat with AJ who is planning to go back to Kashmir the same night and he convinces us to come with him for a week in the Himalayas. So on Tuesday at 5am, we are on a plane to Srinagar, Kashmir. An hour later we land and are on our way to our houseboat.

Sarah and I spent two wonderful nights in a luxury houseboat on Nigeen Lake near Srinagar before heading to the Himalayan mountains for four days of trekking. I must say I had the time of my life. We climbed (partly by horse because of my foot) up to 5000m!! We camped in a huge tent near fresh rivers of melted ice, we were fed amazing dishes by our cook Elias and saw wonders. I really wish I had had more time, better shoes and a better foot for I would have climbed the hell out of these mountains!!
After our trek we were back for two other nights on the houseboat (pictures to come shortly, my batteries are dead atm).
Nigeen Lake is a very odd place... The boats and the floating market make you feel like you're in Thailand, the numerous Israelis speaking Hebrew make you feel like you're in Israel (as well as the hebrew signs everywhere), the weather is very similar to the weather of South West of France, the loud calls for prayer five times a day make you feel like you're in the Middle East. All that with a view on the Himalayas.

Today we flew back to Delhi. Seven Indian states are without electricity, that means no air con and incredible heat. People have been sleeping on rooftops for the past two days and the temperature has hit the higher forties.
Tomorrow Sarah and I start working, I am a bit stressed to be honest but I am sure everything will be alright.

It is crazy to think if I hadn't met Pawan, a complete stranger at the time, at the bank on my first day in Delhi, I wouldn't have spent my last week in the Himalayas. Fate does wonders.

Have a good night.


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