New Delhi, here I am!

So yesterday was a boring day, I was looking for a place to stay but I had no success.

Today however...

This morning I woke up (kind of) early to get breakfast (which wasn't very good but whatever) and then went at the reception and asked where I could exchange my money and buy a phone.

After a small discussion with the reception guy, a guard from the hotel took me to the bank, we're walking in the heat and the sun, and we get to the bank only to be told they don't do exchange. But the lady tells me to go elsewhere. As we're getting out of the building, a guy (I later found out his name is Pawan)the guard there is no exchange at the place. We go anyway but as Pawan said, no exchange. My only option: Connaught Place. It's not far from where I am, I want to walk there, the guard insists he wants to drive me there, Pawan  says he's going in that direction anyway so he will take me.

The guards hesitantly leaves me with Pawan. I learn Pawan is a student, taking a course in English Language. I tell him I'm looking for an accommodation and he takes me to the government aggregated tourism office. We wait, the man in the office finds me a place and exchanges my money.

After that, I follow Pawan to a small street where I buy a cheap phone and a prepaid SIM card. We then go to a dark bar. We take his scooter. Oddly, I wasn't scared to die on the main roads of New Delhi... People crossing, oxen carts, dogs, "bicyle cabs"(?), speeding cars, tuk tuks, bicycles, trucks... Horns, noise, noise, NOISE.
I even crossed these roads today... Pawan promised me, three days and he will make a true Indian out of me.

Music of the day: Jind Mahi by Gitaz Bindrakhiya


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