Israel, benches and hotness.

So the first day I was in Tel Aviv I met Igal who owns a luggage shop on Rehov Ben Yehuda (74). I met him because I had blisters and I had to sit down to put plasters on my feet and on the first bench I sat on, there he was. It is so weird to arrive in a country where you expect to not understand anyone and out of the blue, someone starts talking to you in your own language then of course I told him I speak a little Hebrew and he lost me in a very long discussion that was in fact a monologue.
Why was I talking about him ? Ah yes, he expanded my Hebrew vocabulary, not very much but there are at least two words I clearly remember: devek ve'misparaim, glue and scissors, the first two items I remember buying in Israel. And why did I have to urgently buy these on my first day? So I could make the object of this post: my notebook (my preciouuuuuusssss).

I must say I hated Tel Aviv at first because it was my first day in a country I didn't know all alone and I had had such a bad experience with the airport security and all that, the people in my hostel room were just the most terrible, disrespectful people there is, I was tired, etc. so of course I wasn't really objective. But I later went back to Tel Aviv and I had great experiences so I can safely say I quite like Tel Aviv. I have discovered many cultural sides of the city and I really enjoyed wandering in the streets. There are many many street artists in Tel Aviv who each have their own style and add colours to the sometimes derelict buildings and houses that you can often find in the White City.

I quite liked this artist's stencils. You will find them in the most random places!

On June 10th was the Tel Avivian gaypride parade. I still wonder how they do it to walk and dance in such heat. I don't know if it was because it was my first day and I was not used to the heat but one thing is for sure I hurried back to the coolness of the hostel living room after two hours.
The parade was all fun, I just wish I'd known a few people to enjoy it with. It's funny how when I tell some people about the Tel Aviv gaypride many of them ask me "There is a gaypride in Israel? It's the last place where I would have imagined there would be one!" they think Israel is only home of the devout.

White City?

If I'm not mistaking, this is the fountain at the center of Merkaz HaIr (Literally The City Center) which is, so I've heard, a common meeting point for Tel Avivians.

Hoping all went well if you fasted for Yom Kippur yesterday!
Have a nice day!


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