So where was I?

Hello hello hello my beloved readers.

Wow, I haven't written in a long time! I am still not dead though.

In the past two weeks I have done so many things and so little at the same time! I am really enjoying myself here and I wish I could stay forever. A few days ago, I went to Mitzpe Ramon, in the Negev. I stayed in an eco-friendly campsite that has no electricity and that is in the middle of the desert! My tent had little windows at the level of my bed so every day I woke up to see the desert in the morning sunlight. No sounds around (the campsite is called the silent arrow), just rocks. I met incredible people there. I am proud to say I hiked to Makhtesh Ramon (the crater) for a few hours before going back(no I wasn't on my own, I went with Rene, a guy from Switzerland I met at the campsite). We met two coyotes or at least to animals that looked a lot like coyotes and one guy who was going down there while we were climbing back up. I am glad we didn't find snakes or scorpions though.
Anyway, I would go back anytime without hesitation!

Yesterday I went all the way back to Haifa, where I still am. It is incredible how you are in the middle of the desert and you drive just four hours to arrive in the greenest environment. Israel has so much to offer, so many different places, different climates, ... I love it!

Today I will go surfing because I am worth it. I hope I won't get attacked by I bunch of jellyfish.

Iom tov!


  1. Finally! Glad to read you and all the great things you do! Don't forget to let me know the exact time of landing my darling.

    Billions of kisses.



  2. By the way darling, j'attends tjrs les infos de ton retour. N'oublie pas stp.

    Love and kisses.

    Dad23 <3


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