Modern censorship.

Although I am far from home and on holidays, I still read the news (if I didn't I would have to reconsider my choice of studies)

Yesterday in the english version of Haaretz, they were talking about the rights on Enyd Blyton's "The Famous Five" and "The Secret Seven" that are being translated in Hebrew at the moment and to be published soon in Israel although another publisher has been publishing a translated version for many years without the rights. Fine, nothing interesting much until the end of the article when I read the books written for children, are considered sexist, racist and so on and that they were banned from the radio in England on grounds of lack of artistic talent or something, basically hey were unworthy of being read on the BBC.

The books are being rerwritten for publication in the United Kingdom to reach today's political correctness standards. And there we reach the whole debate we had with "TinTin in Congo" in Belgium a few years ago.
Do we have to alter and censor these books when in the original context and at the time they were written it was considered "alright"? In my humble opinion, the answer is no. I read these books when I was 8 or 9 and I turned out a fine citizen who treats everyone with the same respect (when it's mutual). I really don't see why we have to be all shocked all of a sudden.
Why deny what we once did? It seems we have an urge to deny everything bad we ever did as a society. A bit like in Belgium when they don't really tell you about what happened in Congo or same in France with Algeria.

So I'm thinking, doesn't the society trust the parents to teach their children good values so we have to make sure everything they read does not take them on the wrong path?
I guess it would make sense, no one is raising their children anymore ^^" but on the other hand, let's censor tv as it is more likely to teach bad values to children.

(And then we have the audacity of criticising China and arab countries that censor everything. We are no better in the end)

I wish you all a wonderful Shabbat.


  1. I agree with you a 100% my darling. And it is , unfortunately more and more like this in our wonderful "democracies"! I miss you a lot and hope you won't stay away till the end of August using your mother's plastic! ^^

    Have a great w-e my love.

    Millions of kisses to you.



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