Yesterday marked my final day of work, and in five days, I'll be heading home.

You cannot imagine how happy I am to have left work!!!! Don't get me wrong, I consider myself to be a hard worker but the conditions under which I have been working in the last three months can be described as bullying, professional harassment, psychological harassment, etc. These words come from my colleagues and there is a consensus, people have left after two, three weeks and another is leaving very soon.

But now, on to better things.

Today I will visit an NGO, an umbrella group that focuses on helping the Palestinians in the Jerusalem area, because they are often forgotten by the international NGO's which tend to focus more on Gaza and the West Bank, and the Palestinians here are residents but not citizens. I am currently deleting all my files on my old PC so I can give it to them to give to a needy family.

This week is Pessach so it will limit me in my previously planned travels But I will do things! Well, hopefully. What is certain though is that I will be taking lots of pictures and the best ones will be featured on my Flickr account, so make sure to check it at the end of the week (or before if you want).

And then finally I happily fly back to Brussels on Thursday.

Other than that, I wish you a wonderful Pessach, Easter, Passover, Hanuman Jayanti , Budhist new year, any other thing that you may be celebrating, or just week!


  1. I'm extremely proud to call you my friend to say you have been through all that you have there and still come out a professional! Well done for sticking it out, I hope to see you soon so we can chat all about it :)

    1. Aw thank you :) I'm back in the UK on May 7th, until the 21st! Come to Preston!


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