Highlights of the last two weeks.

I have been absent in the last two weeks but this fact can easily be explained by the presence of my mum and grandma who were here for the first time. I tried spending as much time as I could with them, juggling between them and work. I even established my headquarters in the apartment I rented for them.

But because I'm nice and all, I present you, in pictures yet, the highlights of my two-week-absence :

Three crazy generations...

Massada birds

If you happen to know what kind of bird this is, please share!

A little urbex on the way back from the dead sea

The Wailing Wall

Ruins from the 2006 bombardment of Haifa. This house has been converted into a stable.

Flea market in downtown Haifa.

Abra Kadabra! Haifa

The liberal mosque of Akko.

And its inside.

Akko shuq.

He can smell it, can you smell it?

What? The food!!

The old port of Akko.

Old Akko.

Akko shuq.

A mural in Nachlaot, Jerusalem.

The last evening in Tel Aviv.


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