My first rocket alert.

10.05am. I just woke up a couple of minutes ago, I'm still half asleep, laying in my bed when suddenly the sirenss go off, I've never heard the rocket attacks alarm but after 20 seconds of listening to the loud thing I'm pretty sure it can only be that.
What do I do? What do I do? My brain is panicking to find a solution. I look out the window and people seem very calm about it, no one is running, two guys are on the rooftop of the opposite building, overlooking the streets. I admire these people who can stay very calm with this amazingly loud sirens.
Is this really an alert? Should I go find a shelter? Where and how do I find a shelter? Why doesn't anyone tell newbies where the next shelter is?
Let's stay very calm in my bed.

After 5 minutes the sirens stop, the loudness of busy Jerusalem slowly starts again. I reach for my laptop and google sirens and Jerusalem. Nothing. I alter my search a few times, still nothing. Should this be alarming?
I calm down, start reading Haaretz about a completely different subject and in the corner of my street I finally find my answer. It was just a drill, for school children and teachers. You'd think they'd tell the public in advance so as to avoid panicky  people.

I guess the good thing is next time I know what the sirens mean (God forbids there is a next time), and I can then panic about finding shelter.

Have a good day everyone! May it be siren free!


  1. Do you think the "Iron Dome" had anything to do in raising this behaviour of ....."indifference" maybe?


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