Gay marriage for everyone!

So the French have been arguing for a law that's soon going to be voted about "marriage for everyone" which would basically legalise gay marriage and adoption by gay couples (in the same law) in France.

There have been demos and marches from both sides, the funniest ones being the Catholics performing strange choreographies in various French cities to promote the fact a child needs one mother and one father. Personally  I think this argument is really offending. These people have clearly not thought of the thousands of single parents giving their children a loving home and an education. They also haven't thought of the thousands of children who have already been brought up by gay parents in France, children whose parents had to travel to other countries (mostly Belgium) to legally get a child as a gay couple.

I don't get why France is so up-tight. Their moto?"Freedom, Equality, Fraternity". It just doesn't make sense. France is the country of the Human Rights Chart. France is ridiculous.

Marriage is an institution, blah blah blah, gay marriage will destroy that. Obviously. There haven't been more divorces of heterosexual marriages in Belgium since gay marriage was legalised nine years ago. If they really want to protect the institution of marriage they would ban divorce. Noone is going to force straight people to marry people of the same sex, don't worry poor French people, it hasn't been seen anywhere "marriage for everyone" doesn't mean "gay marriage for everyone"!

I think French people just like to whine and argue a lot because that's what the French do. Please France, will you get this over and done with so my facebook timeline can clear up for other subjects? 


  1. if they have a problem with gay marriage they should correct their own ways of living before judging others. such as children being able to drink wine legally.


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