KONY 2012

For a little while now I have been struggling to find a subject to write about but tonight I have found something that really affects me.

You might have seen KONY 2012 posters, people wearing tshirts with the same slogan or even heard about a man named Joseph Kony and wondered what it was or who he is.

I urge my readers to support the KONY 2012 campaign and to raise awareness to stop the criminal that Joseph Kony is.

For almost three decades Kony has been abducting children from their homes to turn them into soldiers or sex slaves.
Kony is the founder and leader of the Lord's Resistance Army which fights for a theocratic governments based on the bible laws and while it started in Uganda, the LRA has now spread to other African countries.
An estimated 66,000 children are forced to fight for them. These children are forced to mutilate others, to kill their own parents and other terrible things.

Last year, Obama sent 100 advisers to help the Ugandan Army catch this man but the US government is threatening to remove them.

We have to let the authorities know we care about these children.

I urge you to sign the pledge here and watch the documentary made by who I think is an incredible man, Jason Russell and watch the video here under:

We must speak for the invisible children.

For further info on Kony, click here
To freely download the digital kit (posters to print and pdf leaflet) click here and the download should start automatically.


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