An akward reunion.

I met Nate last year in the street when I was walking home with a friend of mine. We met him a couple more times after that. It was always very casual, a nice hello then we both went our separate ways.
The neighbourhood kids always chased him around. Then one day, no more sign of him. I slowly got used to the idea I would never see Nate again. He was always so happy to see me and I was always happy to see him too. Now I was sad. I didn't know where he lived so I couldn't really look for him.
But that's life, isn't it?

Life went on as usual, lectures, grocery shopping, spring past, then summer, I went back home, came back to Preston, fall passed, then winter.

This morning I had planned to take my bicycle and go check out the new Waitrose that recently opened a couple of miles away. I opened the backyard door and saw that it was gone. Half-shocked/angry, half "there's nothing I can do" attitude, I decided to walk there.When I arrived back in my street I slowed down, took my keys out. I lifted my head up and there he was, running across the street, chased by a kid.
Nate saw me and slowly walked up to me.

Hi Nate! How have you been?

I held the door and invited him in. At first he was hesitant. "Should I really?" he asked himself, "I guess she can't really hurt me, I'm stronger than her anyway."
I came in, helped put my shopping away and then wandered around the flat for a bit, checking everything out, just being curious. "So strange" he thought.

Then I went to the living room to watch The Sopranos, he didn't know if he should come sit in the sofa with me or not, even if I encouraged him. He stayed and sat on the floor for a bit, looking at me, only like Nate does. After a while I guess Nate got tired because he went to lay on my bed to take a nap.

Not liking the idea of having Nate sleep in my bed, I woke him up and told him my invitation to the sofa still applied. After hesitating for a minute, he joined me.

I guess Nate doesn't like being alone because everytime I stand up to get something in the flat, he follows me.

Now he's there sleeping next to me. It feels so weird, but he doesn't want to leave. I don't want to be rude and throw him out but I think that's what I'll have to do in a little while.

Nate is a really nice cat though.

I kidnapped a cat for the day. Shame on me.


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