The big trip.

I don't know whether I have mentionned this in previous posts but in just a few days, I should be leaving for HaEretz HaKaddosh, the Holy Land in Hebrew, Israel. Now, you have to know I have been dreaming about this for a few years now and decided last November I would do this in June which is now coming very soon. I am the most excited girl on earth right now. I am so determined I saved a lot of money (a huuuuuuuuuuge amount) to pay for this trip.

I will be leaving on my own for a whole month, travelling by bus with my backpack. Hopefully I will be able to go to Palestine too (shhhh this is a secret) eventhough my grandma told me it was waaaaaaaaaaay too dangerous. But this is what I want to do; travel and see for myself to be able to make my own opinion.

It is one of the most important things of my life, I have never really travelled alone (except when I went to Portugal when I was 15 but I stayed at friends') and I am going there to disconnect from the rest of the World and be with myself and I. My sister is all like "you have to call me at least every two days to let us know you are fine or at least write an e-mail", I don't know if she thinks I'm rich enough to get an internet connection in the Negev desert but anyway I don't want to, I will stay away from computers as much as possible and I don't want people to be able to join me, that is the whole point of my trip and travelling alone.

I might document my trip on my blog very briefly but I will be keeping my travel notebook (which I have already started) and will scan most of it fo my blog when I return.

I really hope I can see my favourite Israeli singers in concert there and meet some of my favourite artists too, such as Gilad Benari and Ruth Selwyn.
I also hope I can attend the pride parade in TLV which should be awesome and a huuuge change to what I have seen so far!

If you have any useful addresses, contacts or tips, please, do not hesitate to send them to me or post them as a reply!
Oh, and I am also collecting prayers/words/wishes to bring to the Kotel (the Wailing Wall), don't hesitate to send them to me, I will be glad to post them!


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