Life sucks? Not mine.

I am sorry, this will probably take the form of a rant but people keep getting on my nerves complaining about how their life totally sucks because of this or that.

When I was eight years old, my grandma took me to India and Nepal. I was a bit worried when she packed a hundred pens I didn't understand why she wanted to take these as presents. Pens, presents? Then we got there. We travelled on the dirtiest roads to the smallest villages and all the children kept asking for pens.

When I was 14 I went to Bulgaria. Travelling to and from the hotel by car I saw desolation, girls as young as me begging or selling their bodies.

When I was 15 I went to Romania with my parents, in the only county that isn't mentionned in tourist guides. The children there played in mud and wore ragged clothes, they were the happiest children on earth when I gave them all I had on me, Kinder Eggs.

When I was 16 I went in Zambia to teach in a small school. I packed so many pens, clothes, medications, so many things to give. The children there sometimes walked three hours barefeet in the sun just to get to school. We did it one day, it took us one hour, let me tell you we felt the pain. These children were fantastic and the most clever children I had ever met.

And you don't even have to travel to see it. People are living under bridges in Brussels (my hometown), in Paris, everywhere, I have seen them too.

I haven't seen it all (yet) but I have seen a lot. I know I might not be the luckiest girl on the planet but I surely am very comfortable and think it's safe to say I live above the average quality of life than most of the population without being rich or anything. I am lucky and thankful for all the things I have.

In my life (and it is not very long so far), I have learnt a simple pen can bring happiness, a simple smile can make someone's day

People who complain because they have last year's Blackbery and now the new one is out and they look "so lame" now, I can only be angry at them. Angry because it is right in front of their nose yet they do not see it. They don't have the new [insert brand] collection, they're so out and their life totally sucks. Some people don't even have clothes to wear. That 13 year-old Team Edward fan didn't get the latest Apple gadget from her parents for her birthday, her life is ruined. Some people don't even have access to a computer, or even electricity.

me me me, consume consume consume, buy buy buy, waste waste waste.

You are allowed to complain, everyone does, it's human nature, but please don't say your life sucks, it doesn't. If you are reading this, you are luckier than 75% of the world's population who doesn't have access to the internet.


  1. People who don't see the point or don't agree with your post are part of the 99% unluckiest people on earth... they have no brain.

  2. My sister just bought a 200 euro blackberry because she doesn't like her old phone (she received it 8 months ago) and it totally sucks and it's ruining her life.*facepalm*


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