The EDL is coming to my town!

The Evil Destructive Lads?
The Evil Demolition Lovers?

No, the English Defence League.

Let me quickly tell you about them and if you know already what they stand for you can skip this paragraph. The EDL was formed one year ago, in 2009. They are a far right group and their main ideology is no-muslim. Okay this is my caricature. They claim to be angainst extreme-muslims and such but people have heard them chanting "we hate muslims" so really, it's to cover their asses, pardon my french. And they march throughout England to protest against Islam.

The EDL is supposed to be very ecclesiastical, they have a jewish EDL, a gay EDL,... It seems to me that many social minorities are joining them to unite against one. Hasn't the world learnt from its mistakes?
I find it revolting. No seriously, I know not many muslims would stand against an anti-homo march if one was to be organised, but I, being somehow part of a minority and knowing how the rejection feels, will not stand on the hate side, because then it is doing exactly what our enemies are doing, I'm sorry but an eye for an eye will not solve this world's problems, and it'd certainly not be my motto, would I have one.

So the EDL is coming to Preston next Saturday to march peacefully against Islam. FYI Preston has a very big muslim population.
Our lecturers warned us not to go and told us the BBC reporter covering the event will have 5 personal body guards.

I will not stay home while right outside the door, people are marching for hate.
I will put on my FCKH8 tshirt and go march on the otherside.

People, we should not let this happen.


  1. Hi,

    I made some researchs about this league and first I thought hey they are only fighting against muslim extremism so I kinda agree with them 'cause I can't stand any form of extremism. But then I discovered that it's only a 'cover' and their real message is 'no muslim at all'. EDL is definitely one big hate organisation. But so is 'Islam for UK' too. They want the whole world to be converted to islam and having the charia-law. There aren't enough words to describe how pathetic and disgusting those 2 organizations are. I mean they're mean ideology is : fascism. Like you said, it seems like they haven't much learnt from history...
    Btw, I think it's great that organizations like UAF (union anti fascists) and people like you go protest against those assh*****. Big up to you ^^.

    About: "I know not many muslims would stand against an anti-homo march if one was to be organised." I'd answer: me neither, but i know extremist who would. Be careful, because you're falling into their trap and making a mix between muslims and muslims extremists. Those extremists are the shame of the islam, and like someone said, if they did that in a muslim country, they'd be immediatly executed (cause it's not islam, it's hate).
    Does that mean that Islam is evil? No, it doesn't. It just means that a minority (a few hundreds) are taking the islam-banner and saying bullshit about that religon while
    all the other muslims around the world (99,999...%) will say that those dirtbags are telling bullshit and it's not islam they are teaching but hate.
    Every real muslim will agree on that. And it's sad that the media only shows this minority (like i said a few hundreds in the UK for example) and not
    showing the real moslims ('cause those dirtbags are by defintion not muslim) leaving peacefully as repectfully citizens.

    I found a really good report that resumes really good the situation, take a look at it ;-):

    N.B.: I'm looking forward to the pictures you took :).

  2. I am not falling into the trap don't worry, when I say not many muslim would march against a homophobic march, I do mean it, because, let's face it, religious muslims, be they moderate or extremists, don't accept homosexuality, just as Christians don't. I am sure there are non homophobic muslims but they're a tiny minority and they're probably not that religious.
    However I do agree with you any extremism is a threat to the peace. Shariah for UK is just like the recent buzz video that circulated on the internet a few months ago when we belgian had to go vote, I'm sure you remember seeing shariah for Belgium on facebook many times we the same old comment "he stole my tea towel".

    The best I can do right now is to laugh at them because if they want to instaurate the shariah law in the world, they're gonna have to review it, I mean, people just won't accept the ban on pokemons, that's just a fact.

  3. Yup you're right, I actually misunderstood you ;).
    But what I sure know is that neither would 'normal' muslims (so not the extremists) march against homosexuality. Muslim are told to live their beliefs for themselves and not impose them or criticize those who don't share those beliefs. Anyway the thing is, as long as those extremists will exist and make themselves public like they do so well now, conflicts between ethnies/religions/communities etc will linger.

    And yeah (hah :D), the pokemon ban is definitely THE strumbling-block to begin with if they want someday to initiate the shariah ;-).


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